What You Should Know Pre-, Mid -and Post- the Covid-19 Vaccine.

A Doctor and Essential Worker Received Her First Shot of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Today. Here, She Shares Her Vaccine Experience And Medical Advice.

Now that the Pfizer vaccine has arrived, here is a brief glimpse into what to expect and what should continue to do to protect ourselves.

Dr. Khaleedah Young, a Board-Certified Family Medicine Specialist with Kaiser Permanente, has been working to battle the Covid-19 pandemic since its inception and belongs to the first group of Americans to receive shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine approved by the FDA for Covid-19.

Dr. Young, graduated from U.C. Berkley with a specialized degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology before heading off to medical school, and has been practicing Family Medicine for 15 years. The doctor, wife and mother of three graciously took time out of her busy schedule to share her vaccine experience and medical knowledge to help others stay safe as possible.

Interviewed by Sharifah C. on Wednesday December 23, 2020 after receiving the first shot of her vaccine.

According to their clinical trials, Pfizer and BIONTECH report that their vaccine is 95% effective in preventing the Covid-19 virus.

Dr: Young:No, it was very mild; it was not anything to be afraid of or get excited about. I got the shot, felt good and went back to work to see patients afterwards.”

Dr. Young: “In my deltoid.”

The deltoid — aka the upper arm — where the vaccine was administered.

Dr. Young: “In my upper arm.”

Dr. Young: “No, I have not felt any residual soreness that some people experience after a flu shot or other more painful shots, such as the HPV vaccine shots. Flu shots can cause more soreness in the arms afterwards.”

Dr. Young: “I received the Pfizer vaccine. And it is more important people, that all of us, can get vaccinated — excluding of course those susceptible allergies or other risks.”

Dr. Young: “None at all. Afterwards I continued on with my workday attending to patients. After work, I continued about my regular routine caring for and busy with my children, their homework and family but felt good overall. I was no more tired than usual after a long day of work in addition to being a wife and mother of three.”

Dr. Young: “I did diligently research the side effects beforehand and I did not come across any concerns that scared me.”

Dr. Young: “Definitely yes. I encourage people to get their flu shot this season along with the Covid-19 vaccine. Even those waiting to get the vaccine, should get a flu shot.”

Dr. Young: “At this point no — only because I got the first of two vaccination shots. In three to four weeks, I will receive my second vaccine shot. I am still concerned because I am not fully vaccinated and even after the second shot, I must build up immunity.

Another huge concern for me, is that there are so many people do not have the opportunity yet to get vaccinated.”

Dr. Young: Yes: stay calm, relaxed and absolutely make sure you receive your three-week follow-up vaccination. Also, keep in mind that once vaccinated a person must build up her immunity. So, receiving the both vaccination shots are not immediately fool proof to ward off contracting the virus.

Dr. Young:Continue social distancing, wearing your mask and practicing diligent hand hygiene. But after doing all you can, it is also important for us to collectively remain calm and not panic.

We are truly in this together and our collective actions and behaviors impact how well and quickly, we can contain this virus. Do the best you can to follow Dr. Fauci’s protocols and government orders, but also we must remain calm, support your children, family, your elders and friends within the social distancing guidelines of course. But do not panic. We will get through this TOGETHER.”

Keep Calm and Don’t Panic. (Photo: Tonic, Unsplash)

Native Californian. Angeleno. Lover of writing, reading, music, philosophy, great films, yoga and good conversations. Always learning.

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Sharifah Chammas

Sharifah Chammas

Native Californian. Angeleno. Lover of writing, reading, music, philosophy, great films, yoga and good conversations. Always learning.

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